SunnyD | Drink to your own beat

It’s 1999. You’re rushing home to watch TRL. Your puka shell necklace and frosted tips are blowing in the wind. What a time to be alive. We remember SunnyD from this comical era, but now a whole new generation of kids has no idea what it is. They’re internet and social media connoisseurs that talk in emojis and GIFs. They don’t have time for some outdated drink next to “the purple stuff” in the fridge. It's time for this '90s superstar to make a comeback.

To capture the freethinking minds of Gen Z, we needed to do something bold. Something original. Something boldly original. We combined the unique talents of effortlessly cool teens with the irresistible beats of rising hip hop star, DJ Kass. Crank up the volume. Best served loud.



Go Behind the Scenes

Meet our talented cast of fresh-faced “bold originals.” 


Turning It Up on Social

To further connect SunnyD with Gen Z, we created a colorful content series. The cast's genuine spirit of originality came through during unscripted taste tests, their personal musing on originality, and even a robot versus humans dance battle.



Role: Copywriter
Agency: Terri & Sandy
Creative Director: JP Gomez
Creative Director: Sam Mazur
Art Director: Simin Lim
Director: Alaska, Iconoclast