Mophie | Charge Without the Trek

Finding a power outlet can be an impossible task. Mophie phone cases charge your phone without the journey.




Charging Station

A difficult rock climbing wall with an outlet at the top serves as a "charging station" at events like SXSW and Coachella. You can climb the wall to reach the outlet, or simply purchase a Mophie. If you successfully climb the wall, you receive a discount on a Mophie for your troubles.


Complete Your Quest App

You no longer have to worry about charging your phone, so let Mophie help you complete another quest. Small, everyday tasks shouldn't be difficult. The Mophie Complete Your Quest app locates WIFI hotspots, public bathrooms, seating, water fountains, parking, and ATMs in the area. Find what you're looking for and read reviews posted by other users.

Select your quest.

See what's nearby and average ratings.

Read reviews posted by other users.


VCU Brandcenter student campaign
Art Director: Ken Tsuchiya