Whether moving or visiting, being in a new city can be intimidating. To help, people often turn to apps like Google Maps to get around. But what if it could do more?



Roots is a new feature in Google Maps that utilizes favorites and frequently visited places to generate recommendations whenever you're in an unfamiliar area. With the new Google Maps you can plant your roots anywhere and find your way home.


Access Roots in the Google Maps main menu.

While in an unfamiliar place, select your roots to receive custom recommendations.

Add new roots from your favorites, or by searching for your frequently visited locations.


Each root is assigned to a color, and you can explore using up to four different roots at one time.

Pins appear on the map in your current location, offering color coordinated recommendations based on your roots.

By simply tapping the dots at the bottom, you can select and deselect roots based on what you're looking for.


Tap the pins to see the names and ratings of recommendations.

Receive push notifications with recommendations based on your location and time of day.